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As a Fleet Management Supplier and Service provider, we’re constantly expanding and looking for the right people to join our amazing team. If you think you could be a good fit for the position listed, please contact us today with your Resume. Our HR Department will contact you to arrange an interview.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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Data on a Touch Pad

Data Analyst

27 November 2021


South Africa - Mpumalanga

As a Data Analyst, your role will be to analyse, research and understand the questions that our clients ask to answer and ensure those questions are answered by the data that we provide. 

Providing the right information at the right time in an inspiring and effective and colourful format creating a delightful experience for our clients is your way of operation. 

You must understand the technical issues associated with collecting data, analyzing data, interpreting and reporting data. You must be able to recognize trends and patterns and build on them. 

Having experience within the motor vehicle industry is essential. 


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, or a similar field.

Your key data analyst responsibilities will include:

  • Knowledge of firewalls and various forms of endpoint security.

  • Analyzing data using statistical techniques and providing reports. 

  • Managing, Developing and implementing databases and data collection systems that provides a graphical data visualisation. 

  • Acquiring data from primary and secondary sources and maintaining data systems

  • Identifying, analyzing, and interpreting trends or patterns in complex data sets

  • Filtering and cleaning data

  • Working with management to prioritize business and information needs

  • Locating and defining new process improvement opportunities


   Skills required within the following is essential. 

  • SQL

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Tableau

  • Python

  • R

  • SAS

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Oracle

  • Microsoft Power BI

In addition to your analytical and mathematical skills, and facility with languages such as SQL, communication skills are essential. As a Data analyst, you frequently need to engage with business management teams, the marketing department and colleagues to understand business objectives and gather requirements to ensure we reach the goal on time. 

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